Life is a chain of coincidences.
There is a report abroad that life is a chain of coincidences. However, there is no accounting for tastes; an absent-minded man will say that it is of no account. Nevertheless, listen, if the polite boy did not fall to the bad companionship, he would not be a drug addict. Moreover, for example if my father drove more carefully, he would not have a car accident. Now, this is a very funny example, but six months ago, it was very horrific. One day on November, my father drove from Gdynia to Warsaw to work because he worked there then. In the early morning, he drove the way between forests. Suddenly a big deer jumped up on his car, and by the way, it was a new one. The auto turned left, then turned around. The next acrobation was going down to the ditch; and then, the car reflected from the ground, and flew out. Then it did a somersault in the air, hit in the tree, fell down, retired, and stopped. My father was not look ahead, and after-effects were lamentable. If he had not driven that time, this accident would not have happened. Alternatively, if he had left earlier or later, this misfortune would not have occurred.
However, he that is born to be hanged shall never be drowned. If somebody has somewhat to do, he/she will do it, it depends from these chains of coincidences. Occasionally somebody wants to travel by plain, for example, nevertheless, in that day he resigned because of the weather, or due to his health, otherwise some other reason. In addition, few hours later, it proved that the plain crashed, this further cause guarded him from the danger; haste makes waste.
However, return to the drug addict. These people are very poor because nobody wants to help them; they are convicted to death. Nevertheless, why? However, it was a series of terrible luck. They probably had an unbreakable upbringing, maybe their parents divorced or died; nobody took care of them. Afterward everybody has pretences to them that they are drug addicts. It is the same when someone is out of work. Why? Isn’t it a chain of coincidences? However, that man used to work when he was younger, now he is in trouble. It is true that any stick to beat a dog. These people live from hand to month. It is a matter of argument whether help these people or do not. Others, who are better off are apt to forget about the deprived. They had a fine sequence of happenstance in their lives, they need not bay at the moon; they ought to back up the poorer.
It is necessary to remember that close by there is a man who needs facilitate, and to know that the master’s eye fattens the horse. The wealthy pretend that do not see needy group. They often say what the eye sees not, the heart craves not.
After all somebody can see someone through. It seems that there are two kinds of coincidences the first is good, and the second is dreadful; moreover, everything depends from that what his wheel of fortune is like.
These examples one can multiply, there are many situations, in which people should do something previous or afterward, or they never ought not to have done it.
At some time or another, it has happened to all of us. It pops up wherever you go. Hotel rooms, airlines terminals, it is haunting presence cannot be escaped.
Imagine you are in your car, absently humming a song. You turn on the radio, a sudden chill prickles your spine, – and the same song is now pouring from the speaker. Another time you walk into a book stare not knowing what to buy, and the book you need falls from a shelf and practically hits you over the head.
coincidence, you tell yourself or is it?
Some people feel that coincidence is the guiding force in their lives. A force influences decisions and plans and has much impact on their lives as others who may believe in astrology.
For most scientists, experiences like that, however strange and recurrent, are nothing but natural expressions of chance. It is far from mystery. Ignorance of the law of logic, they argue, causes superstitions thinking, inventing supernatural theories when none of them really exists.
Such assurances of rationalists do not necessarily satisfy everyone. Indeed many see coincidence as a higher, transcendental force, mysterious “glue”, which binds random events together in a meaningful pattern.
The question has always been – could such a harmonizing principle actually exist?
Swiss psychologist Carl Jung was the first scientist to attempt to explain this amazing phenomenon. Jung observed that coincidences were connected in such a way that their occurrence seemed to defy the calculations of probability. The psychologist believed that the phenomenon of synchronicity is due to psychic conditions. It evolved through the influence of the archetypes inherent in the human psyche and shared by all of humankind.
Life is a chain of coincidences. From my perspective, most of them do not happen accidentally. Very often, we unconsciously help them to happen.