Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Sunday , 04. April .
A breakfast began my morning and then, I was at the church. Today, I was with friends in the bowling alley, it was super our team won boys against the team. However they claimed, around we cheated it. Next I read the book, I played on a computer, I ate my supper, I had a shower and I went to bed.

Moday , 05. April .
I was at school almost half a day and much they set us, but unfortunately. When I came back I ate my lunch and at once I did something about the lesson I did 2 of them hours. Next I watched my series, I ate my supper and I went to bed.

Tuesday , 06. April .
Today at school we wrote the check I went very well what I am very happy. Later, I went with friends to shop for H &; M bought a: 2 pairs of earrings and sweater. Purchases were very successful. Then I played on the computer and with my brother in the retina. Then there was dinner, tv and went to sleep.

Wednsday , 07. , April

Today is not anything interesting happened. I went to school, and later to the pool. I have yet to make up the mass of homework.

Friday . 08 . aPRIL .
We finally have a weekend. Today at school was not too interesting lessons, but it was not so bad. Not long ago I was a friend of mine and we were in the cinema at the film entitled: Alice in Wonderland. The film was a sensational.