Napisz na pt od 8-12 zdań opisujących Fairfield Farm Museum.Poniżej znajduje się notatka o tym miejscu proszę pomóżcie mi nagrodzę ! proszę ;(
Fairfield Farm Museum:
Shows:Life on a farm in 1890
-animals at work
-old games
-making butter
Open: May-October, 9:30 - 5:00
Prices : 3-8 dollars
Dairy Bar and Gift Shop
-No pets
-No smoking
-No foeding animals
-No eating or drinking in the Farmhouse
Proszę pomóżcie ;(



Fairfield Farm Museum is located in Vermont, USA. It shows life of pesants on a farm in 1890. You can see farmhouse, old games there. You will learn how to make butter! It is opened from May to Octoboer at 9:30 - 5:00. It costs about 3-8 dollars for a ticket, only rules are: No pets, no smoking, no feeding animals and no eating nor drinking in the farmhouse.

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