Hi Mary!
How are you? What are you doing?I will write you what was I doing this week.
On Monday I was in school for five lessons and next I and Kasia were in cinema. The film wasn't very interesting, but we were talking all the time so I don't remember much about this film. It was fun!
On Tuesday I was on a trip with my class. It was very boring! At 6 o'clock I was in a restaurant with my parents. I order pizza, mineral water and vanilla ice creams. Yummy!
On Wednesday I wasn't doing anything interesting. I was doing my homewor all evening!
On Thursday I was watching TV and play computer games all day. I was fighting with my brother so he were crying of course! I must say sorry to him! My parents was angry with me.
On Friday I was cycling with my best friend Marek. We had a picnic too. Ania and Magda saw us and they came to us. It was cool!
On Saturday I was cleaning my room and doing my homework. I didn't met my friends! What a horrible day!
On Sunday I was in church. In the afternoon I was in Ania's house. We were dancing and singing. It wasn't nice for her mum, I think.
What were you doing this week?
Please write back soon, Alicja
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