Mają inne ubarwienie skóry;)
- education :

in Europe, almost all children learn in schools. They have books from which they can learn interesting things in the future have a job. In Africa, kids do not go to school because there is no school. They have no books and have no basic knowledge about life, hygiene, animal and various important things.

- entertainment

In Europe, children can go to the cinema, a disco, theater, opera, amusement park and various other interesting places. In Africa, there are no places of entertainment. Children work hard in order to eat.

- climate

In Europe there is a different climate. The winter is cold and you have to wear jackets, and autumn is warmer and wear sweaters. wear thin jackets in the spring, and summer shorts and t-shirt. In Africa, it is hot all the time, but there are places where it's cold. However, there are more hot spots and children's wear and adults there do not wear panties or nothing.

- free time
In Europe children spend time in different ways. Some go to the cinema, swimming pool, while others go to town with friends. They can use the various entertainments, but their duty is to go to school. In Africa, children work hard and can not go to the cinema or the swimming pool, because there is not so.