Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Our life changes all the time. Nowadays it looks different then it looked a couple years ago. We have some new problems that weren't known to the people before. Now we for example have problems with technology and modern devices.
I think our lifestyle is also changing all the time. We look for more comfortable methods of solving problems. We also live in a hurry and our plans often depend on the technology.
In my opinion people's life is going to keep changing like it is now. It will be more comfortable thanks to new technological invents. We will have less and less time for entertainment or relax which is because we can become some kind of work adicts.
Life is going to be more comfortable but I think we can't say it'll be easier. We won't find any time to for egzample do some excercises so we'll most certainly be getting fatter and our lifestyle is going to be less healthy then now.
We are about to become computer adicts as well which means most of the work and not only work is going to be done by our computers.
I can also say that probably we'll have faster and maybe safer cars. In my opinion our life won't become safer though. Especially the web crime is going to get increased.
That is my idea of life in 20 years as we see there are adventages and disadventages of becoming more modern but what can we do? The whole world goes on like this. What is a great hope of all of us is that maybe that modern lifestyle will lead us to an eco-friendly world one day.
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