Report the sentences using the reporting verb in brackets.
1." I saw the car go through a red light" said the witnes (report)
2." I'm sorry I was rude" said Sussanah. (apologise)
3. "You borrowed my jacket without asking!" Brenda said to Zoe (accuse)
4. "Could you all please leave quietly?" said the teacher to us (request)
5. " I really think you should apply for the job" said Tom to Pat (urge)
6. "We'll plant bombs in all major cities" said the terrorists. (threaten)
7. "You shouldn't walk home alone late at night" said Fred to Denise. (warn)
8. The doctor says it would be better if Sam eats less. (recommended + subjunctive)
9. "I think smoking should be banned in the restaurant" said the manager. (propose + subjunctive)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1 The witnes reported that he had seen the car go through the red light
2 Sussanah apologised for being rude.
Brenda acused Zoe that she had borrowed her jacket without asking.
The teacher requested to leave quietly.
Tom urged that Pat should apply for the job.
THe terrorists threathened that they would plant bombs in all major cities
Fred warned Denise not to walk home alone late at night
The doctor recommended Sam to eat less
The manager said that he thought smoking should be banned in the restaurant