Po skończeniu szkoły postanowiłaś przerwac naukę na rok. Nie rozmawiałaś o tym jeszcze z rodzicami. Napisz list do kolegi z Angli.
-Poinformuj o swojej decyzji i podaj powód jej podjęcia
-Napisz jak zamierzasz spędzic ten rok i co chcesz robic po jego zakończeniu.
-Wspomnij o pozytywnej reakcji Twoich przyjaciół oraz swoich obawach związanych z reakcją rodziców.
-Zapytaj kolegę o jego opinię i poproś o radę, jak rzekonac rodziców do tego pomysłu.



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My daughter was an only pupil in the class which doesn't want to go to the religion. She called the director in accordance with the law must have lessons of ethics, and for one child it isn't paying to employ the moral philosopher - a mother is saying girls. - insisted that I enrolled the child in the religious education. But if I don't do it, I can reach an agreement with the priest and describe certifying that the daughter goes to the religion to other Christian Churches. She suggested also a third possibility: to take the child from the school. In the end for you Teresa changed the declaration and she agreed on the religion. - however I hope that not very angels can walk to the visual artist. Somebody will help to find other solution. - the Director cannot force the parent so that he takes the child from the school. And if cannot collect the appropriate group [the regulation is saying about seven pupils], should communicate with the director of other school so that there the pupil can use the lesson of ethics - Roman Sondej promises, Lubusz guardian of the education.
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Dear Max
Hi, how are you?
I decided to get a gap year to earn some money. I think it is the best resolution because my studies are going to be really expensive. I know my parents would help me but i don't want to take away all of their cash. And by the way i could learn a lot of practical skills through this year. If I earn enough money I will start studies because I want to be a lawyer.
But I have got one big problem. I know that my parents won't be happy about that. I don't know how to convince them it is a right decision. Could you help me, please?
Loves, xxx
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