Sporządź dwie listy po angielsku z pomysłami dotyczącymi następujących tematów:

1. Predictions for the world next year.
2. Predictions for my life next year.

Prosze Was o pomoc do każdego ma być po 7 .... z góry dziękuje ...oczywiście daje najj ;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Perhaps we will be:
a) flying off tor a holiday on the moon,
b)or maybe we will be taking our dog for a walk in virtual reality.
c)We will drive cars using an air,
d) going in the future or the past.
e) eat only convenient food
f)our fridge will do an shoplist
g) dishes will clean after using them
h) our carpet won`t be never dirty

My life, Maybe I will:
a)have a new boyfriend
b)take better marks in school
c)make new friends
d)dye my hair
e)work in the club
f)be more optimistic and believe in my own abilities
g)eat more healthy
h)take some extra excersises
i)go on holiday with my boyfriend
j)read all the lecturers
m) renovate my room
n) I will have a sister/brother
o)do something crazy
p)Climb on Mount Everest

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