Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I spent these holidays at home. Perhaps it and my best holidays weren't, but it was very nicely. Admittedly I spent them at home but in the warm family circle. To us aunties arrived and uncles arrived. There was no play of end. There were a plenty of children, cousins, cousins and other friends of the family. Of noise it was very much, but in turn the house filled with joy and the play. With the mum every day they have played the Dad with me into different games. Towards the evening we ran all over the landed estate and with evening we sat down before the supper and we watched TV. The Dad also held me above water, where how many I only wanted I could swim and have fun. The ones the summer was to the truth remarkable and hot. For the first time I spent entire holidays at home, but even oneself from it ciesze, since there was this exceptional summer.
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We have gone to my grandma at this year holidays. We've been there for 2 months. I have meet new friends there, and i think we will send emails to eachother. At first week i was shy about beeing there, because i didnt know anyone, but it have changed after two weeks, when i met them. There wasnt nothing special in this holidays, in last few days we came back to our home.
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I had a wonderful time in Italy. I was in Roma. This is a beatiful city with lot of historic buildings. It was the best holiday!
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