Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I go to school every day. Where do you go every day?
2. Cindy washes her hair in the morning? What does Cindy do in the morning?
3. Mark watches TV in the evening. What does he watch in the evening?
4. Lucy washes the dishes after dinner. What does she do after dinner?
5. We play football after school. What do you do after school?
6. Sally learns English. What language does she learn?
7. My mother is a vet? What does my mother do?
8. They go to cinema every Saturday. What do they do every Saturday?
9. My father works in the garden. Where does my father work?
10. His brother is a footballer. Wat does his brother do?
11. Her sister likes eating ice-cream. What does her sister like eating?
12. My teacher wears glasses. Does he wear glasses?
13. I read a book before sleep. What do you read before sleep?
14. I clean the house at the weekend. When do you clean your house?
15. You surf the internet every day. What do you do every day?
16. I do my homework after school. When do you do your homework.
17. I listen to music every day. What music do you listen to?
18. I write letters to my friend. Do you write letters to your friend?
19. She plays computer games. Does she play computer games?
20. My sister draws nice pictures. What does she draw?