Dear (imię kolegi) Data, miejscowość itp.

Yesterday, I go to (np. shop), Near shop was funny dog.
I carried dog to my house.
I asked mother I can he (przygarnąć, sory nie wiem jak to przetłumaczyć)
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Dear Lucy,
How are you? Thank you for your last letter. I am writing to tell you my news.
You will never guess what happened! I was walking in the park last week and I saw a small brown puppy. It was evening and it was dark and there was nobody in the park, just me. The dog was barking loudly and it was very scared. It was very cold so I took the dog home. Next day I wrote many notices to find the dog's owner. I waited three days but nobody came to take the little puppy. I asked my mother if I could keep the dog and she said yes! Now I have a little dog. It's called Brownie. I love him very much. He is so funny!
You must come and see my dog.
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