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Zawód Leśniczy ,Leśnik

he forest ranger it the most often is the worker of institution the State Forest Farm ­ the State Forests which hold over all belonging to Treasure of You on terrain of Poland forests the supervision (from omission the National Parks). The forest ranger is the worker of forest inspectorate numbered to Forest Service. Forest ranger majority of one's works has to plan from outdistancing. On example, to to seat with spring the young forest on prepared with autumn of surface, the forest ranger has to plan, what the tree's species has to be seated in what place and loam will be the seedlings' arts necessary to blowing up. Under end of year the forest ranger has also to mark surfaces forest, which be planned to cut. It in this aim has to measure all trees, to to establish loam wood it will gains over was from given surface. Autumn and winter forest ranger in younger stands marks sapling dead, ill or from defects, you which should remove, to these, which stay better conditions had to development. Truncate wood forest ranger has to measure and to take back, and to be present near his sale also and transportation. Spring forest ranger holds supervision over planting forest. Before insects will appear, you should execute and to lie out on insects' individual species trap. They would not allow to capture of large trees' quantity by harmful insects or mushrooms forest ranger by whole year makes the observation of state of wholesome forest. Spring forest ranger has to see also, to near main roads and were executed railway tracks fire - fighting belts which help to protect before fire forest. Summer and autumn forest ranger checks seated with spring of tillage, or saplings are, which did not accept and we should seat new on their place. It to forestranger's tasks was one should care over forest animals also, also winter, when animals has little food.

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