Hello. My friend's name is Ola. He has 12 years and like it very much! Is low, has blue eyes. It is funny but we get along very well. She is very creative and bold ideas is very cool and we like to fool around, go through the world together. And this is probably the friend with whom I can go through the world, all my life.
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My best friend is Ola. She is 12 years old. She has got blue eyes and blond curly hair. I like her, because she have a lot funny ideas and sometimes she is crazy. Ola is short and quite slim.
She likes wearing jeans, trainers and carry blue bag with a cat on it. She is friendly and helpful when I have problems with math. She have two younger brothers and one older sister. Ola likes them, but sometimes she argue with them. She doesn't like spinach and spicy food. She likes pizza and sandwiches with cheese and drink tea. We meet every Saturday and doing what we want. Also we live near to each other.
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My favourie friend is Ola. Her name is Ola. She has got blue eyes and brown hair. Ola is very crazy anf funny. She has got 12 years old. Her ideas are very interesting and sometimes very razy. She is slim and tall. I very like her, because she can make me smile.