Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I like my room. It is like a part of me. This place was changed very much in the last years. It always has changed along with me.

My room is in the attic. It is quite big and spatial. It is by far bigger than peaces of my friends. This garret was all made by my dad. Every little thing he did on his own.

Firstly there were white wallpapers and few posters of pop stars on the wall, a gray carped on the floor and an awful large louvers in the windows on which there was always accumulate a dust. I was very messy child, so on the floor and desk you could found everything. For example toys, clean and dirty clothes, empty and full glasses, plates and rubbishes. And what grated my parents the most was that I never made the bad.

Each year my room look different when I was listened heavy metal room was all black when I was enchanted by Madonna it was full of kitsch. Now it looks really different. Walls are painted bright yellow, on the floor is brown covering and in the window there are yellow shades. It is not messy no more and the bed is always made. It is completely different place it looks like a room of workaholic because on the walls I have ten maps of different parts of the world and on the desk I have stack of books.

I love my room very much.
My room is very cool.
This is my empire in which they teach and the rest.
This room is still a lot of things that I would change, but for now suffice it to me what I have. I am very happy with the color of the walls, the bed ... The entire interior of the internal
My room is very beautiful.there is a blue sofa and a wooden table.there are some color pictures and a big clock.there is also a wooden wordrobe and commode,a computer,a tv and an blue armchair.there are flowers next to window and some boxes on the floor.there is also a lamp.