My day today was okey. I did much homework but next rided a bike. I prefer go to swimm but I musn't there go because I had not many.
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My usually day started at 6 a.m when I wake up. At about half past 6 a.m I get up and wash. Next I get dressed and comb my hair. I prepare breakfast and I drink juice. When I finish eating breakfast I brush mu teeth. I don't wash the dishes because I haven'n much time. I leave for school. I get to school by bus at 7 a.m. I spend 8 or 6 hours at school. When I leave the school I go shopping or meet friends. After that I come back home. At home I eat dinner, I clean the house and then I go to play on the comkputer or study. At 8 p.m I take a shower. Next I eat supper. When I go to bed I read a book. At about 10 p.m I go to sleep and I finished mu day.

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My day was very cool. On the lessons of the Angelic met very many words which I can now regained dysponować.po school lessons and I ran to my friend Kasia Some of incumbents, and I had to go back home.