- Access to cash in emergency situations
- Transactions on the Internet. KK is the easiest to use, and in some cases, sometimes even the only possible way to pay.
- Do not you carry a lot of cash. We can not rely only on the card, but just hold in the portfolio with a 200 - 300 PLN + cards and we can feel at ease. Of course, the same requirement to meet the standard debit card.
- Often using supplementary insurance (eg, NW).
- You are shopping today, and pay for it even to 56 days later.
- Loyalty programs - you get points that are convertible into different products.

In many stores and service shops are reluctant to look at the credit card payment, because it often takes them about 2.5% of the price. You can use a small trick when buying such a TV and get an additional discount of 1.5 - 2% in return for payment in cash, not KK. 2% from 4000 PLN 80 PLN is, after all.

- Banks urge to pay off the minimum amount, which is only 5% of the debt. The interest rate on this loan is very high - typically within 19%
- Novices confuse KK debetówką and can choose its cash from an ATM. Be careful, you will pay for that pleasure usually 3% commission.
- Banks also waiting for any delays and irregularities in the repayments, when the culprit may impose many different financial penalties (sending a pisemka for 30 PLN just one example).
- If you feel that you do not give advice to resist the temptation of carrying it with you 10 000 PLN extra credit in plastic, do not take in any case, KK.
Advantage of the use of credit cards is that we do not need to carry a large amount of money we can only directly at the counter to pay for such purchases, a flaw is that not always control the on pace We made how much money has been and how we.