My best day was June 24, 2009 when I traveled to Denmark with the school are very happy that I'm going there:) So when I arrived with my parents at the school 4 in Gdansk Pruszcz ałtokar so we waited for has arrived, then police checked the driver and the lady pointed us to the place where we sit . After 30 minutes we went was delighted, and some do not because I like to ride with them:) So as I said we went. After 2 days we were on the spot:) We slept in cabins, cottages were just wonderful in the middle was a small refrigerator 2 bunk beds and a kitchenette. The first day we were free we were playing on the playground, and swam in the water. The next day we went to Legoland was great on the slides were so many that it's hard for me to mention. And all was well, almost Lego games were not that simple. Drugiegi djuznolegarmu day we went to there was the same but there was everything from bricks. On the third day we went to the Safari was the last day and after Safari came back. I forgot to add what was already Sarari writes, there were animals in the wild rhinos and lions, monkeys, giraffes and other animals. On the last day as we woke up in Lodz has ended our trip. About 9:25 we were on, city ztęskniłam for Mom and Dad and it very much:) But it was so cool:) I think this summer was the best in my life.