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"Macbeth" is considered one of the most important Shakespearean tragedy. It presents the history of promotion of Prince, whose character he found a writer in jedenastowiecznych chronicles. It is also an important change that has taken place in the drama of modern times, which goes back to Shakespeare. It began to fill the historical figures, people often exists in real terms, or characters showing in accordance with objective reality at a realistic background. There were a sacred text of the themes drawn from mythology. This should be linked with the fact that after the drama of ancient Greece, it has lost its religious connotations. Once performance in the theater was a kind of mystery, where viewers have made purification of their souls - catharsis - by virtue of sentience watched the scene of events, emotions, like fear and pity. In Shakespeare there is also no such thing as fate, motivating people's fates. The writer reminds them of free will, and leaves a man, often the same with each other