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Use these adjectives to make sentens abut places in your contry: big, cold small, quiet, modern,noisy ,cheap, dangerous, sunny excting, dirty, clean, boring, expensiwe, crowded.
Make comparisons as in the example.
1. Rome / London/ Paris (expensive)
To przykład jak rozwiązac:
A:Rome is very expensive
B: Yes, but LOndon is much more expensive than rome
A: Paris is the most expensive of all theree.
2. New York/Tokyo/ Mexico City (corweded)
3. the Hilton/ the Shearton/ the Ritz (luxurious)
4.London/Rome/Athens( old)
5. Sudan/ Egypt/ Arizona ( sunny)
6. cars/ rrains/ aeroplanes ( noisy)

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2. a: Mexico City is very crowded city.
b: yes, but you have to agree that Tokyo is much more crowded than M. C.
a: Of course, but New York is the most crowded city in the world.

3. a: The Ritz is very luxurious hotel.
b: Yes, but the Shearon is much more luxurious than Ritz.
a: But I think, that Hilton is the most luxurious hotel I know.

4. a: London is very old city.
b: I agree, but Rome is older than London.
a: And Athens is the oldest, when we're talking about this three cities.

5. a: Arizona is sunny country.
b: I agree, but Sudan is sunnier than Arizona.
a: And Egypt is the sunniest, when we're talking about this three coutries.

6. a: Rain is really noisy...
b: But cars are noiser that rain.
a: I agree, but from those aeroplanes are the noisest.
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