Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Of day 29 of March of the current year I came back as forever home through forest. before me a man which smoked cigarettes went. when finished him off to smoke to growing in dry moss by the path for pedestrians. this fact alarmed me since moss how earlier I wrote was very dry. I went farther calmly behind the this man. when I left forest I saw the fire and smoke. I already guessed what it was about and why such a fire happened. the fire moved very quickly since enough a strong wind blew. before the guard reached its destination started consuming himself also a house of the forester of you. when the guard reached in place the house of the man of the forester and the considerable part of forest completely were burnt.

mam nadzijee że pomogłaam ;P
szczerze nie liczyłam słów ale powinno być ponad stoo ;D
;P pozdrooo ;))