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There was once an old emperor who lived in a enormous, golden palace in the middle of the city Ping Pong. He had three beautiful daughters, but unfortunately so sons.

najlepiej aby kontynuacja zajmowała ok 2, 3 razy tyle co jest już napisane, ale żeby nie była dłuższa. Prosze o pomoc



Many, many years ago, there was once an very old, but also very fair emperor who lived in enormous, golden palace, which was so huge that everybody saw it from few kilometers! It was in the same middle of the city Ping Pong, so the whole field was dealing by this palace. He was really rich, but not happy. He had three beautiful daughters and every was more beautiful than previous daughter. But unfortunately he didn't have any son. Like every emperor he wanted to have a son. This is why he was unhappy. He had money, huge palace, but any son.