Dear (jakieś imię)
I like swimming, my favourite lesson is art. My favourite day is saturday. I like green, yellow and black, but yellow is my favourite/
Hello Kate,
How are you? Sory that Im writting to you so late but I didnt have time, I go to new school. I told you that Im looking for a better school that my old school.Last mouth I started learning.
I like maths, I have very good teacher, he is great.I learn with my new friend Ann, she learns the better than I.Well I still leran.
Early, you asked me what is my favourite color and day.
Well now I can reply to you that my favourite the colot is blue, because I like it, I have a lot of clothes in this color and I have walls in rooms a blue:).
The best day is Saturday and Sunday because I dont go to school, moreover I can sleep a long time, I dont get up early.
No I will be waiting when you reply me.What happend in your live?:)
kisses bye