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Jonathan lve is the man ...invented the ipod
a} which b} who
The1980s was the time... disco music was popular
a] when b] where
gorillaz is a band...has four fictional cartonon character
a] that b] whose
robbie williams is a singer...was in take that
a]which b]who
sun studio in memphis was the place ...elvis recorded
a] where b] when
jazz is music ...has changed a lot since the 1940s
a] which b] whose

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wykresl jesli się da
1 jazz is a music that older people usually listen to.
2 mp3 players are gadgets that can store hundreds of songs.
3 my dad is a person who loves classical music
4 woodstock was a festival that thousands of people went to in 1969.

popraw błedy
1mrs lee is the teacher which gives me piano lessons
2 dont remember the time where punk was popular
3 hes the boy who dad owns a music shop.
4 a single is a record has just two songs



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