Polish schools are a bit different from foreign ones. First difference is that kids start school when they are seven. Also they have a compulsory year in kindergarden before their first school year. The next thing is the teaching system. During their first three years children are taught by one teacher and they don't have separated subjects. Since the fourth grade they start having different subjects with diffferent teachers. Unlike in foreign schools they have different subjects every day so their time table is not the same every day and the lessons don't start and end at te same time every day. Some time ago the students had to wear special uniforms butnow in most schools it is not compulsory. There is also a matter of lunch. The pupils in Polish schools have rather something like dinner not lunch. I think it's not that common here which is that some students attend to these meals but not very many of them. In Poland there's nothing like a lunchbreak. There are some other differences like the holidays which come and end on different days then in other countries. Besides that in Poland education is compulsory untill the age of 18 and for egzample in the UK we can finish school two years later. It's also widely believed that education is more like fun on the first stage of school attendance and pupils in Poland start serious learning erlier. Our schools are now becoming more like the foreign ones for egzample because more and more of them have lockers where the students can put their stuff.
As we can see there are many differences between Polish and foreign schools and it's hard to decide which system is better.
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Polish schools are mostly painted in dark at 8:00 koloy begin lessons lesson is 45 minutes is usually 6 or 7 lessons every lesson is a 5 minute break at lunch some schools are those desired for school uniforms to bring books and exercise books and pencil cases backpack classes end about 13.30 or 14.25.How to begin and end with 8 years to 18 years if foreign schools differ from the Polish