Coloration orange-brown with black stripes. There is also the variant without the stripes, albino (white tiger) and melanistycznej (black tiger) .
White Tiger

Mature male reaches a length of 290 cm (with tail) with an average body weight of 220-230 kg. Females are smaller - reaching up to 250 cm long and average about 140 kg body weight .

Males occupy territories, ranging from 30-105 km2 and females from 10-39 km2.Due to decreasing habitat space available for such large predators observed in India, their density is greatest. Are even found a group of mutually tolerant individuals - tigers are solitary with a highly developed territorial aggression.
The exact number of tigers living in Bengal is not known. Official figures quoted by the Indian authorities, saying the number in the range 3100-4500 are questioned by biologists and ecologists. Experts criticize the officials that perpetrated for propaganda purposes to the overstatement of the data taking as a basis for counting tigers traces of their feet. World Wildlife Fund estimates the total number of all individuals living in the wild in 3000-4500.
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The tiger is very big, strong and heavy.It is tabbed like cat but marks of its are black and orange.The tiger has got long,white moustache ang big fangs.They eat always antelopes.If tigers hunts they runs very fast.They always choose the victim of themselves and attack it.They live in Africa, North and South America and sometimes in Australia.In Poland they live only in zoos.
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