Jesteś na obozie sportowym w Hiszpanii,napisz e-mail do nauczyciela j.angielskiego:

- napisz gdzie jesteś zakwaterowany,jakie są warunki
- jak wygląda Twój typowy dzień na obozie
- jakie plany masz na jutro
- kiedy wracam do Polski

I proszę żeby nie było;Jutro wracam do Polski,takie są moje plany - gdyż według nauczyciela jest to błąd ....



Dear Mr Kowalski,
I am writing to tell you about my stay on the sports camp in Spain. I live in a youth hostel where the conditions are very good. I share a room with a student from Hungary. The room is nicely furnished and it has its own bathroom. It's a very clean, peaceful and comfortable place to live.
A typical day starts at 6 o'clock. We put on our tracksuits and go jogging. When we come back we eat breakfast. After breakfast we have different sports to choose from. We can go horse-riding, play volleyball, basketball, tennis or go swimming. Then there is dinner - we often eat delicious Spanish cuisine. Later we have different interesting activities like hiking in the mountains or going on different sightseeing trips. In the evening we are so tired that we go straight to bed and fall asleep immediately.
Tomorrow is Saturday and we are having a party on the beach. We are going to light a fire - it depends on the weather.
I'm coming back to Poland 5th December, I have already bought a ticket dor a plane.
I look forward to see you.
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