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My favourite TV programme is the American series "Sabrina nastoletnia czarownica". I like Sabrina because the stories in the programme are great. I also think that it's very exciting and interesting. In the series, Sabrina Spellman, is a teenager. She use magic buy only at home. She lives with two aunts- Hildy and Zeldy in the quiet town. Sabrina goes to normal school. She also uses her powers to help people. In my opinion, the best is Sabrina's cat Salem, he can talk. He's interesting. I love Sabrina and her Family.

Proszę :)
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Gra w ciemno is my favourite TV programme. Krzysztof Ibisz is keeping the program, the game consists in choosing 5 cards, and then for answering 5 questions correctly. How many questions the right answers of so much envelopes were given to they are winning. There is an auction in the end between leading and with player. From the smartness of the player zalezy amount of its prize. He can win and 300 000 of the zloty and the -100 per cent. The game is very exciting and he/she is holding me in the tension.Its very funny.

Mym ulubionym programem telewizyjnym jest GRA W CIEMNO. Program prowadzi Krzysztof Ibisz, gra polega na wybraniu 5 kart, a następnie na odpowiedzenie poprawnie na 5 pytań. Na ile pytań udzielono dobrych odpowiedzi tyle kopert się wygrywa Na koniec jest licytacja między prowadzącym a graczem. Od sprytu gracza zależy wysokość jego wygranej. Może wygrać i 300tysięcy zł i -100%. Gra jest bardzo emocjonująca i trzyma mnie w napięciu.Jest bardzo fajna.
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My favourite progam is ''I have talent".Why I like it?
In this show I can see a lot of funny people. They can do everything-jump,sing,dance,so I'm really fascinated. In my opinion one of the best artist are "Audiofeels''. They are a band and they have beatiful voices. Another good thing in this program are celebrities. They make "I have talent" more interesting.
To sum up I think it is the best program from all in tv. Thanks it I never waste my saturday's evening.
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