My favourite TV programme is the American series "Sabrina nastoletnia czarownica". I like Sabrina because the stories in the programme are great. I also think that it's very exciting and interesting. In the series, Sabrina Spellman, is a teenager. She use magic buy only at home. She lives with two aunts- Hildy and Zeldy in the quiet town. Sabrina goes to normal school. She also uses her powers to help people. In my opinion, the best is Sabrina's cat Salem, he can talk. He's interesting. I love Sabrina and her Family.
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My favourite program is Prison Break. He relate about Lincoln Burrows, convict for death punishment and his brother, Michael Scofield, who try rescue brother. He have a tattoo with Fox River prison plan, because he is enginner and projected this.
I like this movie, because i love action movies.
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It is my favourite programme of TV I like Animal of Planets to look at him from reason of interesting information about animals what of me inspires very and it interests. In free moments when I will do I like lessons to include this programme and to learn as well as to inquire about different thin and little met animals.