Roses are my favorite flowers.
My favorite bloom is lily.
There were many dark clouds yesterday.
I have a dark hair.
I have alot of friends.
That accident was shaking.
Litle girl is crying.
"Altough" is difficlut word.
My mom is pretty woman.
I like red roses.
I've a lot of bloods in my house because I like it.
I didn't see clouds because the sky was clear.
I'm afraid of dark.
I've met my friends yesterday
I'm shaking the box.
I'm crying now.
I said a few word about me to him.
My house's very modern and pretty.
Roses are red.
The bloom is yellow.
Today the sky is full of clouds.
My dress is dark brown.
Today I meet with my friends.
My brother is shaking table.
My little cousin cryin.
The world hides many secrets.
She is very pretty.

Myślę, że pomogłam ;)