Lion (Panthera leo) - a large, carnivorous land mammal of the family cat, the second after the tiger - the largest - of the four roaring big cats. The only cat who lived in organized social groups, belongs to the so-called. Africa's Big Five - the five most dangerous African animals (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard). The male lion, easily recognizable by its mane, may weigh 150-250 kg. The largest known male weighed 375 kg, it was a lion named Simba, he lived to 1970 Cholchester Zoo. Females are much smaller, weighing 110-160 kg (the biggest 185 kg) and do not have manes. Males engaged in acquiring and defending territory and protecting the herd and fertilize females. Females hunt and take care of lwiątkami. Lions once inhabited Africa, Asia and Europe, and if considered a subspecies of the American lion Panthera leo - it is also North and South America. Currently found only in Africa, where they are vulnerable and residually in India, where their condition was defined as a numerical critical.
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