Potrzebna mi rozprawka w jezyku angielskim na 130 lub 170 może być więcej.
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◘ What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet?
◘ What are the good and bad sides of playing computer games?
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to tak do rozwinięcia:
+playing games online
+watching films, listening to music
+searching for informations to school/work
+ buying things cheaper than in the shop,sitting at home without waiting in queues,
+ paying bills
+getting new relationships with people from far away countries

- wasting time
- unhealthy to surf on the net sitting on a chair
- it is one of the most common addictions in our times
- dangerous-you never know who you talk to e.g.in the chatroom
- hacking
- do sport in online games unless in real
I don't have more ideas at the moment ;)
I hope it will help a bit.