Czasowniki w nawiasach wstaw w odpowiednią formę czasów: Present Simple/Continuous,Past Simple/Continuous,Present perfect Simple.

1.My parents(stay) in Rome for three weeks now.
2.The students who(sit)behind me(talk)so loudly that I (can't)hear the lacturer's voice.
3.We (discuss) this issue quite often recently.
4.As it snowing I(take) a taxi.
5.Paul Robson(be)the only owner of the company since his father's death.
6.We usually (have)bread and butter for breakfast but today we(have)fried eggs.
7.Your son (be)very impolite today.It is quite unusual for him.
8.I still (not find)the cassette I(buy)last week.
9.Yesterday,at three I(have) lunch with my solicitor so you couldn't see me at airport at that time.
10.I'm not feeling well this morning,that is why I(not work)so fast as usual.

jezeli ktos nie jest pewien niech nie rozwiazuje gdyz potrzebuje pewne rozwiazanie.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Are staying
are sitting, are talking, can't
will take
has been
have, had
didn't find, bought
'm not working