Hi Lucy !
I'm in Greece . The weather is briliant ! It's very sunny and hot . I very like it .
My hotel is okay . It is swimming pool in there ! It's very big . Today after brekfast I go to the beach with my family . I swim in the sea and play volleybal . Next I go to restaurant for dinner . I have small dinner , because I'm not very hungry .
Tommorow I go to city . I buy souvenir in souvenir shop for my grandparents . After I go to the beach , because tommorow is my last day in Greece .
Love frome [ twoje imię ]
Dear Robert
Here I am in Italy!I got here last Sunday.The weather is fantastic,it's sunny an hot.The travel was long and boring.Yesterday I was in Venice.This town is really beauty and amazing!Later I went on a great boat trip.Today I was in the art gallery,it was a bit boring,because I am not into art.After this trip,I was in the real italian pizzeria.The pizza was delicious!Tomorrow I go to the rock concert.After,I must go to the shopping mall.Later I want to see old bulding of this town.See you next week.