Hi Ola!

I must tell you about the holidays which I spent in the mountains. There I met many very interesting people, but most liked Adam. it is a boy aged 15 years). It is very nice so befriended him and that his parents decided to move to another hotel. we wanted to spend more time together. Walked on various mountain peaks m.in Gubalowka. it was great:)

Ps I'll tell you more later on what else was nothing extraordinary

Hi Monica! In his letter to describe your vacation time that I was I described her. So I went with my parents in the Polish mountains - Carpathian Mountains. Funny name, reminds me of the cake. Three hours after the end of the year, Dad announced that we are going to the mountains. I did not like the idea. I do not like mountains. We drove his old BMW, the journey lasted 3 hours. We stopped in a small town called Salt. The weather was horrible. There I spent two terrible days. Boredom gave me food for thought. I decided to know some local kids. Three girls Anna, Camilla, Claudia was 6 years old. A little low, but today I spent time with them. I learned to speak Czech! I played really well in August. At the next holiday will certainly go there choose.

Proszę bardzo. ; D