Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Lady Pank, the team for over twenty-five years holy triumphs in Polish rock scene was when a young lawyer and poet Andrew Mogielnicki (Mogiel ") met John Shelley, who played in the booth Suflera. They met STU Theatre in Krakow, where he recorded the album Izabela Trojanowska. Pete Shelley, while still in the hut, he composed "Thanks a lot without tears" and "Do not believe a woman ever."Soon, autumn 1981 "Boris" has left the hood and in the same studio STU Theatre recorded the song "Little Lady Punk". Of course, wrote the words "Mogiel. Then fell the order - we must create a team. It was the first recording, but the team did not have his name yet. The popularity of the hit made it from that moment until now a group called Lady Pank. The first single, "Little Lady Punk" / "Minus 10 in Rio" was released in 1982.The team immediately won great popularity in the country. The first group of songs from the repertoire ("Less Than Zero", "New York New York", "Factory of the Apes", "Castles in the Sand", "Get back", "My Kilimanjaro") pięły on top of the charts. In 1983 released their first album. Few people in Poland, then played as Lady Pank. A year later released a second LP by the band - "The horror." Band concerts attracted crowds of fans, and the halls were crowded. The band has performed not only in Poland, including in Europe, the USA and Canada.