In this Easter I was at home. I spent time with my family. We ate Easter breakfast together. Then we went for a walk. We ate delicious ice-creams. When we came home we ate dinner and watched film together. In the afternoon we went to the theatre.

W tę Wielkanoc byłem w domu. Spędziłem czas z moją rodziną. Zjedliśmy wielkanocne śniadanie razem. Później posliśmy na spacer. Jedliśmy pyszne lody. Kiedy wrócilismy do domu zjedliśmy obiad i razem obejrzeliśmy film. Po południu pojechaliśmy do teatru.
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Before the Christmas Day, I was with the family at the family on Masuria. there was a festive atmosphere mum with the auntie they still buttoned the last arrangements up, and we helped clean. Into the Good Friday there was already a smell of a festive atmosphere, we ate our breakfast, we examined the TV set and we spent time in the family circle. On great Saturday in the morning we went with the food blessed at Easter, and then we talked and we prepared decorations for holidays. In the great night we ate the ceremonial breakfast and later dinner. Everyone felt the atmosphere of holidays, they gave presents to themselves to the so-called hare. Into the Easter Monday our families a bit she rested and a bit she beat herself with water .
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