Good and bad things about computer

Computer technology has its advantages and disadvantages. It seems to me that there are more bad things than ones. The bad things is that to use computer and internet we have to pay a lot of many. We also have to change parts of it to somethings. Upolate it because computer technology devilopes. Like hard disk, mouse pad and keyboard. The bad thing is that we spend too much time indoor playing computer games and surfing the net, and then our eyes get weeker. There are many more bad things, but there are good things too. One is that we can find things which are important for us. There is laptop and we can take it everywhere we wont.
Internet is a good and bad thing. It is bad because there are pornographic websites, we can get e-mail error with spam and then we can throw away computer. Good things is that we can look for information, and we can play games but there is one more thing about internet we have to pay for it.