Napisz list do kolegi/kolezanki z irlandii, ktorego kilka miesiecy temu zaprosilas do zlozenia ci wizyty w polsce. niestety sytuacja sie skomplikowala i uzgodniony wczesniej termin jest dla ciebie nie do przyjecia. w swoim liscie wyjasnij co sie stalo i dlaczego musisz odwolac jego wizyte, zaproponuj inny termin wizyty i wyraz nadzieje ze koledze/kolezance bedzie on odpowiadal, napisz jakie masz plany w zwiazku z jego/jej wizyta(wymien przynajmniej 2 atrakcje) poradz co powinien za soba zabrac i obiecaj ze nedziesz na niego czekac na lotnisku. od 120 do 150 slow



Hi James!

How are U? I haven`t seen you for ages. I am writing to tell you that I can`t meet You next week because my grandmother is ill. Now she is in the hospital and Mr Jankowski told us that she had heart attack. We were shocked. Now I would like to spend with her most of the leisure time. She is like my older friend. I can tell her everything :)
I am so sorry of this . I know that I let You down but maybe You can arrive next month. Lets say 22nd May ? I promise I will take You from the airport . How about going to the cinema on the lates film ? I`ve heard that Angelina Jolie starred there.
We can also go to the National Museum or just go clubbing.
I think You will love my family. They are very friendly and kind.
I am looking forward You.
I hope to see You soon. Best wishes,
Hi Anna,

How are you ? I'm sorry , but I must cancel your arrived to Poland. My mum feel ill and I must be by her all the time. Now she is on hospital. She is observation of doctors under the constant .

Can we arrange other date ? Can be 14 ( fourteen ) May ? I hope that this date will suit for you .

When you will come to Poland we will go to Palace of Culture and Historical Museum . There's great . In May is very warm so you needn't get a lot of clothes . You can put on your bag one sweatshirt and trousers , some T-Shirt and shorts . Oł, shoes would be too useful .

I promise that I arrive at the airport and I will be waiting for you. You could get to known my family . They are very pleased .
See you soon.


Jest około 150 słów :) Pozdrawiam :)
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