Zadanie 5 (5 pkt.)

Przeczytaj pięć ogłoszeń dotyczących lokali do wynajęcia, a następnie każdemu z nich przyporządkuj najlepszego adresata, wybierając spośród opisów oznaczonych literami (A-G). Wpisz odpowiednie litery w kratki (5.1.-5.5.). Dwa opisy podane zostały dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnego ogłoszenia. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 1 punkt.

A I'm an English teacher with a husband and a small daughter. We're looking for a flat with comfortable bus or metro links to the centre ...

B Wild, artistic male will rent a room somewhere cheap. Can help with some simple jobs about the house, but no cooking please ...

C English family is looking for a flat without furniture in a quiet area with no restaurants or shopping centres. Can give English lessons ...

D Nice people (Spanish-English couple) are looking for two or three rooms to rent, possibly with garden. Can pay half-a-year deposit ...

E English female, non-smoker is looking for a room to rent in a new or just modernised flat. Good transport important - works at the airport ...

F English artist, 28, female, wants to share a flat with other artists for serious discussions about art over good food. Will pay a deposit ...

G I'm a responsible adult looking for a room in an interesting place. Must have TV, fridge and cooker. Distance from the city not important ...

Two rooms to rent in a large, sunny flat sharedwith bilingual (Spanish andEnglish) lovely people.Washing machine, TV, video,garden, swimming pool.One month deposit # must be paid.

Room to rent in three bedroom flat with central heating.Close to metro, buses, market,park. Recently renovated. To share with two Spanish girls looking fora native English person, working,non-smoker.

Flat with furniture to rent Two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen,bathroom, balconies.In nice area with shops,restaurants and good transport links.Ideal for an English family.

Room to rent Attic, 20m2, sunny, forindependent, responsibleperson. Includes colour TV,fridge, central heating,microwave, desk etc in room.New house. 30 minutes from the city centre.

Cheap room for a male in shared flat with peoplein late twenties. Also to share,a study for paintingor other artistic jobs.New house - kitchen to be added soon. Sense of humour absolutely essential.



5.1. - D
5.2. - E
5.3. - C
5.4. - G
5.5. - B