Kayah, that is the Katarzyna Rooijens (surname maiden Szczot), she was born on 5 November 1967. She got the diploma in the class of the piano at the Ann Narkiewicz prof in 1985. Her began the career through the co-operation with the teams of reggae Rastar, The agreement and from Tiltem (the song "I Tell you, that"). She made ones debut on The festival Countries Baltic in Karlsham the work in 1988 "Córeczko I would like you to be the boy", too which she received the special prize of the festival. Yet in the same year, for the mediation of Polish Recordings, the vocalist debut plate appeared, entitled simply "Kayah". What is is interesting, the album was accessible on the vinyl exclusively. Nine songs hit on him, in this: "Sweltering city", "Holy strangeness", "Or to stand you" and "the Not only blood". The vocalist admitted that the contract which she signed then had "incapacitated" her after years. The English language version of the debut two years later was recorded, including two additional compositions. Neil Black is responsible for the production of the plate. The disc waited for renewals on the compact plate in 1999.

In years 1988 - 1994 Kayah stepped out first of all at different artists side. Her first autorski album "Stone"hit in 1995 to shops. The plate appeared the expenditure of the factory Zic-Zac Music Company, and they participated in recordings m.in. Pszona, Sojka, Torres, Affek, Remiszewski, Urbaniak, Herdzin, if The horseshoe. The Michael Przytuła the executor became. The album was received by critics and fans, achieving the status of the gold plate quickly well. The"stone" brought the prize "Frederic '95 to the vocalist" for the the best Polish vocalist, and The television Poland recognised her "Individuality Year '96". 1995 appeared singel in the November "Alarm-clocks the death" (from the plate "Sax & Sex") Robert Chojnackiego and "Piaska" Pasiecznego Andrew she was engaged in whose rise Kayah. The year later, in the December 1996, the work "Horizon"made ones debut at radio broadcasting stations, registered with Kate Stankiewicz and Crooked Andrew.

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Ur ( Michał Christian Wiśniewski. In lodz (boat) 9 september 1972 ) vocalist - polish < poland >, leader of group three , three, roadsteads Head and projects Spooko and Renia Pączkowska. Awards in (to) 2006 [ edit ] * occupy (deal with) 1. Place in plebiscite prepared by polish editorial of store house (magazine) on best star " " earning polish < poland > Forbes. It earns statuette in (to) 2003 during in category * festival group they (their) three " superone " " plate (disc) pope " opolskiego. It has received statuettes in (to) 2002 in categories 3 * " micro popcorn " " vocalist year ", " group year " and " song year ". Earns statuettes in (to) 2002 during 39 national (local) festival of polish song in (to) in categories 4 * they (their) three " superone " Opolu " fairest group ", it say " hit (success) year " ( " " ), " fairest plate (disc) " ( " " ) popowa Ad.4 and " event year ". In (to) 2002 during for fairest theatrical creation in work XI festival * " movie 2002 " " tango lost " Videoclipów Yach. It has received award of audience in (to) 2001 * and on festival of baltic country in (to) Grand Prix Karlshamn. It has been rewarded say in (to) 2001 on festival in (to) by audience for song * " Opolu
People also listen to jazz,grunge,heavy metal,blues,rok and rap.
Their favourite bands and performers are:
i tu sobie wypisujesz piosenkarzy np: Dżem.

The are special clubs for fans of all types of music. Most of them have their own style.

The most popular music in Poland especialy : tu też wypisujesz piosenkarzy.
People buy pop CDs , listen to them with friends watch MTV or go to big concers in concert halls or stadiums. They're usualy big events.

Polish music is popular,too.There are lots of folk music bands like Brathanki and Golec UOrkiestra