Napisz dialog według przykładu tylko nie taki sam tylko inne dane (wymyślony) po angielsku.
Przywitaj się z B
Przywitaj się z A
Powiedz B o swoim problemie
Powiedz co A powinien/nna zrobić
Powiedz czego A nie powinien/nna zrobić
Zgódź się.Podziękuj B za radę.
Zakończ rozmowę

Rowan: Hi,Judy.
Judy: Hi,Rowan.How are you?
Rowan: Im OK,thanks.Ive got a job interview this afternoon.
Judy: Really?You should wear a tie and jacket.
Rowan: Do you think so?
Judy: Definitely.You shouldnt wear jeans and a T-shirt for an interview.
Rowan: You re probably right.Thanks for the advice.
Judy: You re welcome.



T: Whar's the matter,Abi?
A: I've just read an article about how much rubbish we're threwing away, It's scary. We're destroying our planet!

T: I know, but you can't do anything about it.

A: Oh, yes I can tell people to recycle things.
John: Hello, Claire.
Claire: Hi, John. How do you do?
John: How do you do. I've got a date today, but I'm not sure how should I behave.
Claire: Poor you... that's simple. Just be yourself. You have to show her that you feel very protective of her. This is not so complicated.
John: Sounds easy. Maybe you could give me some tips?
Claire: Just don't wear T-shirt. You should have something more elegant.
John: Thank you. Wish me good luck!
Claire: Of course. Good luck!