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1. Do you like going to the theatre? Why?/Why not?
2. Have you ever performed on stege? Did you enjoy it?
3. Have you ever been to a concert? What was it like?
4. What things do you expect to see at a concert?
5. Do you listening to musicians playing music in public places? Why?/Why not?
6. What forms of entertainment are available in your area?
7. Do you read reviews before you decide to see a film or play? Why?/ Why not?
8. What sports facilities are available near the place you live? Do you use them> Why?/ Why not?
9. What major sporting events can you think of?
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1. I like going to the theater. It seems to me more interesting than the movie.
3.I've been many times. What I like most is that I can hear the true voice, and did not study treatment.
4. The most I liked that everything was alive.
5.If I like their music, then yes.
6. We have a great gallery of my city, which often holds concerts. There are also many FitnessClub. Kin is very much.
7. Yes. Many movies I watched was registered or advertised. Otherwise even I would not go for it.
8. There are too many. I do not like sport, and therefore do not use them.
9. I am not interested sporting events.

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