I musn't run in lesson.
You musn't speak with collages.
He musn't BUBBLE GUM in the lesson.
They musn't write sms in the lesson.
We musn't go becouse we have broken legs.
1.You mustn't park here.
2.She mustn't talk to strangers.
2.She mustn't go to the disco tomorrow afternoon
3.you must not go to him
5.you must not drink beer

1.You do not have to go to it
2.You do not have to go to school
3You do not have to go to the disco
4.You do not have to write this task tomorrow
5.You do not have to go to Krakow

1.Will I have to give it back to you?
2.I have to go home because my parents told me to come back earlier
3.I have to go to borrow a friend's notebook