Write an holiday ad for the destination of your choice.
musza byc zawarte informacje gdzie to jest znajduje, atrakcje, podusmowanie(dla kogo...) i co mozna tam robic, zwiedzac. (120-150 słow)

Prosze o szybka odpowiedz;);) daje naj..;D



The most I would like to spend their holidays in Katy Fishing. It is a small village by the sea. There is a fantastic tour to the port. It is an ideal place for various camps and colonies, because there are centers that have a lot of places. Prior to these centers are in place to play volleyball, basketball, and fireplace. 4 km from the angles of Fishing is Sztutowo, which is a concentration camp. Stutthof and the angles between the fishing there is a reserve of black cormorants. I encourage you to visit the Fishing angles. I was there 2 years ago and did not regret. If I had the opportunity to pojechałabym there again and saw all these fantastic places again!