Nowadays more and more people move to choose a city . There are so advantages of living there .

Firstly, it is very high places of entertainment . There are a variety of exspensive shops . We can visit galleries , museums or we can go to the cinema or theather . We can spend free time with family or friends in a restaurant or in a pub.

Secondly , in the city it is easier to find work . There are convenient public transport . We don't need to spend ( w znaczeniu: wydawać ) too much money on the journey , becouse the work is in place .

However there are many disadvantages a live for a city .

For example there are traffic congestional pollutions . The exhaust fumes produce air pollutions and the air isn't clean .

In addiction there are less community spirit . In the town lives a lot of people so this is not possible to be acquainted with each other and also people aren't polite as the countryside .

Summing up : City life has its pros( to samo co advantages) and cons( to samo co disadvantages) but we can live there .

Proszę:) Mam nadzieję że będzie Ci pasowała bo poświęciłam na to dużo czasu żeby to napisać :) Pozdrawiam :P
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