Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I believe that school is needed and it should go. The school is useful, because there we learn, sometimes becomes a second home.

Many arguments can affect the sentence of a school. First of all, in school we spend a lot of time in the company of our friends, making friends and experiencing first love. The school also can learn many things that you can in life. We meet new skills, gain knowledge, develop talents and grind interest. There are young people who do not want to go to school, they prefer to sit at home or on the estate. What exactly should we do at home? At the beginning, of course, it would be great, but at the end of continuous fun and laziness we start to get bored. Many poor students only at school can have a hot lunch, had sat at home, would hungry. School is not so bad, and impossible to dislike. But is it needed? I still think so. Finally, we will experience, knowledge, and enables a good start in life.