Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zadanie 1.
2. Simon takes a shower at quarter past seven.
3. Simon has a breakfast at quarter tu eight.
4. Simon goes to school at quarter past eight.
5. Simon goes back from school at half past three.
6. Simon does his homework at half past four.
7. Simon has his dinner at six o'clock.
8. He goes to bed at ten o'clock.

zadanie 2.
2. My mother always has breakfast in bed on her birthday.
3. How often do they have dinner in front of the television?
4. Josh always doesn't have lunch at school.
5. How often does your sister have a music lesson?
6. My brother has an English test once a week.
7. My grandfather usually has got a rest in the afternoon.
8. We always have a break after every lesson.

zadanie 3.
A: What are Sugababes doing?
B: They are singing at a concert.
A. What time is it in Japan?
B: It's nine o'clock in the evening.

3. A: What is Ronaldinho doing?
B: He is playing football.
A. Why? What time is it in Italy?
B: It's two o'clock in the afternoon.

4. A: What are Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso doing?
B: They are having a party.
A. What time is it in Australia?
B: It's eleven o'clock in the evening.

zadanie 2.
2. Tom and his friends aren't playing football. Tom and his friends are listening to the music.
3. Lara isn't having a tennis lesson now. She is surfing the net.
4. Jimmy isn't playing basketball at the moment. He is playing a guitar.
5. Susie and I aren't shopping right now. They are with friends.
6. Selina's parents aren't working in the garden at the moment. They are reading their books.