Musze porównać swięta wielkanocne polskie a te które mają meijsce w wielkiej brytani plis daje 10 pkt . Chodzi mi o tekst w j.angielskim bo to zadanie na angielski i ma byc po angieslku. prosze was nie mam więcej punktów a jestem cienki z angola




Easter in England has its origins long before the advent of Christianity.
Easter owes its name to the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring - Eostre.
Birth, happiness and fertility is attributed to some of the symbols
bogini.Wielkanoc does not just mean the end of winter but it is also the end of the post. I
why is the time of joy and celebration.
Eggs as a symbol of spring and new life are inextricably linked with
Easter in the UK. Used to be decorated with paint as our Polish
Easter eggs. Currently, are superseded by chocolate Easter eggs. On
north of England in Preston is the custom turlania eggs. Eggs cooked
Tomey is firmly on the side of the egg, and that most of Sturla wins:)
In other regions, people are playing this: hold the egg in your hand and
egg hits the opponent. You lose the first egg breaks.
Another game is hunting for eggs hid in the recesses of the garden.
Easter Bunny was a symbol of the goddess of the moon and prawdawnej is
wiekkanocnego table ornament. Historically, after the holidays
Easter started hunting for hares.


Easter is the oldest and most important Christian feast. These are the holy cross commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Weeks preceding it, which is the most important time of remembrance for the events of the Christian faith, is called Holy Week. Easter is a movable feast. May fall out between 22 March and 25 April.
Polish tradition of Easter food is very rich and there is probably no other such a rich culinary tradition at Easter time celebration. We look forward to a breakfast for the whole of Lent, therefore, not surprising that everything is on the table trying to enjoy at least a little bit though.
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