Halo Andre!
I have been in Linkin Park Konzert.
That was awansome!They play some songs twaise for example "New Deveice".
In koncert i have seen a few famouse people.Approached the scene and saw a very pretty girl.
After the concert I invited her to a restaurant where he talked about today's concert.
She gave me her phone number. I guess she liked me. Walked her home, and assured that we will be in touch.The next day was to be organized Metallica concert. I thought that I'll go with it
to the concert.diag further invention itself
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Jeremy!
Sorry I haven't written for so long. I have a lot of things to do so that's why I'm writing now.

And, of course, I want to tell You about something happend to me. I mean it was last Friday and I had gone with my boyfriend, Patrick, to a concert. And that was reall amazing. I haven't so fun as long as I live. I love Kings of Leon and thay sung there! They were wonderful! I was jumping, screaming and singing all the time. And thay looked like thay had fun too! They were doing the same like us. Us, I mean, the public. That concert was the best concert in my life. It does not even matter that I was really tired when I back home. It's just matter that I was at their concert. I had a really great fun when they sang the songs called "Use somebody" and "Sex is on fire". This is my favourite songs of the group and I thing the best songs ever. And the voice of vocalist is so much better live. I just can't describe it. You have to see and hear that. That was the best performance ever, and I guess it will never be the same. After all I want the second one now. I can't wait another month or year. I want it now. Unfortunately, they are going home now.


PS. jest trochę więcej słów ale możesz wyciąć ce środka jakieś zdanka, które tobie nie pasują i będzie ok :)
a poza tym powinno być okej, sama pisałam, nie jest z neta... hmmm nie wiem tylko na jakim poziomie miało być. ja mam FCE, mam nadzieję, że wystarczy? jeśli chciałaś coś lepszego to przepraszam
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